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Customized PVC shopping bags
Customized PVC shopping bags

Customized PVC shopping bags

Listing time:2023-12-31      Place of dispatch: China
Thickness: Customizable       Printing: Customizable
Product Color:透明
product price:3.6 RMB

Support customized processing of OEM for PVC, TPU, EVA materials in any style!

product details


PVC shopping bag is a type of bag made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, usually used for carrying items during shopping. This type of bag usually has the characteristics of being sturdy, waterproof, and transparent, and can withstand a certain amount of weight and friction.


Customized PVC shopping bags can be designed and made according to customer needs, with the following characteristics:


Size customization: PVC shopping bags of different sizes can be customized according to customer needs to accommodate items of different sizes.


Appearance design: The appearance of the bag can be printed with the customer's logo, brand, promotional slogans, etc., to enhance the brand image and visibility.


Material selection: PVC material has good durability and waterproofing, as well as certain flexibility and stretchability, making it easy to carry and use.


Environmentally friendly and recyclable: PVC materials can be recycled and reused during the production process, which is beneficial for environmental protection.


The production process of customized PVC shopping bags usually includes steps such as cutting, heat sealing (hot pressing), printing, etc. During the production process, personalized design and production can be carried out according to the needs of customers to meet different needs.


Overall, custom PVC shopping bags are sturdy, waterproof, transparent, and have personalized designs, suitable for various occasions such as commercial promotion, gift giving, and daily shopping.

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